Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love for Annie Pouring In

Thanks so very much for all the support so far! We're thrilled that we're getting so many donations (and boy, do you people want some prizes!), and we're so glad to see our blogging friends sharing their stories and love for Annie! Here's a little roundup--we'll add more as we find them!

Crazy Aunt Purl remembers a special Christmas encounter

The Crochet Dude
writes about inspiration


Carol said...

This is so nice! A kind person deserves only kindness in return.

Elsewhere said...

Well gosh -- I'm so sorry to you and yours!
Let me share with you quickly something I just learned about from one of my clients. I run estate sales for a living and usually my job is to clear the estate of those who've recently passed away.
Only this time I was hired by a gentleman who was caring for his 93 year old aunt who, until very recently, had breast cancer that had begun to spread so rapidly that they hired Hospice and wished them off.
My client somehow got some information and decided to follow it's lead -- he ended up learning about Essiac Tea & bloodroot.
Now - I know it may sound crackpot... but really? What is there to loose?
His aunt BEAT CANCER at 93 years old!
This is news I wished I'd had last year -- I lost my GranPapa to prostate cancer in March.

HOWEVER -- do yourself a favor and at least check it out? Pharmaceutical companies (and the doctors they support) can't patent natural remedies, so the entire medical community seems to IGNORE them!
You can find lots of information about it on the internet (of course... what CAN'T you find out about on the 'net?) but the website he passed on to me was

I'm SO in awe of my client and all that he's done for his aunt that I've been passing this information on to anyone who might listen.


Mary said...

I saw that Annie mentioned on her blog today her concern about accommodations near the Mayo clinic. I have some Marriott points I could donate towards that cause. Perhaps you folks who run this blog might want to write a blog post about if anyone else would want to donate Marriott (or other, depending on what hotel they'd like to stay at) points for Annie and her family. Would probably require finding out from Annie what hotel(s) they'd like to stay at, and then Annie would need to sign up for that hotel chain's points program, and then folks who already have points in that program can call up the program and give them Annie's program # and have their points transferred. I think most major chains would be open to this, but this would, of course, require confirmation.