Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Socks: Week Two

This week's yarn giveaway features STWC Tofutsies (color 733). Each unit purchased gives you a chance to win this yarn and either a set of Crystal Palace double points OR a 40" Addi Turbo (both in size 1). Buy as many chances as you like; ALL proceeds go to Annie, Gerry, Hannah, and Max to help defray expenses incurred due to Gerry's illness and treatment.
Get your tickets here.


Yarn Thing said...

Hello, wanted to send out this offer to have anybody who wants to send Annie a message via my podcast to check out my blog page...


You can leave a message on my ODEO account and I will play in on the next podcast! Hurry as all messages need to be in by Thursday!

Marly aka Yarn Thing

Marnie said...

Just wondering if you happen to know what sorts of chocolates the Modesitts like. Milk? Dark? White? All of the above? Thanks :o)

Yarn Thing said...

Okay, the Odeo message thing has been extended indefinitely! You can go to my odeo account and leave a message for her at anytime and I will play them on my podcast :-)


Oh, I also made some other buttons if you are interested!